Founded more than a 130 years ago with a sweets tradition being so evident in the family's heritage, it was inevitable that Al Yaman was on its way to build a legacy for itself.  At a very early stage in its history, a factory with multiple machinery was at the center of its production process.

After decades in the food sector, it was time to bring the production of our now famous products to a new level. Keeping with the same tradition of the highest quality and production scale refinement, we inaugurated the region's first state of the art factory responsible for the manufacturing of halawa, tahina and Turkish delights.  Al Yaman collaborated with Crop factories in Germany to pioneer the new state of the art factory.

With the business growing rapidly, and more cities demanding our products, a second factory starting operating in Zahle, in the Bekaa valley in 1946. This period was marked with record sales, remarkable market success, and the Al Yaman (Abou Al-Hassan at that time) brand was soaring to new heights and eclipsing all its competition.

With great success, comes a lot of responsibility. We were always committed to have the best manufacturing processes while pertaining the highest food safety qualities in our products. Our efforts were crowned when our factories were awarded the ISO 2200 certification for the high quality of our products, and another certification attributed to the proper food safety management systems running our factories.